Find the necessary support and nurturing you need as a new mum with gentle and effective natural therapies. Pregnancy places enormous physical and mental demand on the mother – support and nurturing are essential. Natural Therapeutics offers services such as naturopathy and nutritional medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, osteopathy, counselling, and massage therapy to support new mum’s during this beautiful (and exhausting!) time.

Our experienced and professional practitioners have worked with many mothers, and some are mothers themselves, bringing a caring empathy to the session and can help with a wide range of problems experienced by babies and mums, including:

  • mastitis
  • lack of milk production
  • constipation or other bowel problems
  • uterine bleeding
  • healing and repair of damaged tissues
  • sleep issues – in babies and mums
  • emotional concerns, including post-natal depression
  • fatigue
  • newborn issues such as colic, reflux, skin rashes