Gut Health



“All Disease Begins In The Gut.” Hippocrates c 460-370 BC


Using a variety of whole foods rich in prebiotic fibre is quintessential when it comes to a healthy and diverse gut microbiota. A healthy gut microbiome is the cornerstone of good health. Not only is it essential for healthy digestion, it also plays an integral role in immune function, mental health, energy production, blood glucose control and healthy weight composition.

By creating rich and diverse microflora in our gut can be the difference between being healthy and battling illness. All chronic conditions/diseases have an inflammatory nature. It is this inflammation that is linked to a dysbiotic gut, where there is an imbalance of ‘bad’ bacteria (pro-inflammatory) to ‘good’ bacteria (anti-inflammatory).

Katie has designed a ‘Gut Microbiome Recovery’ program, spanning over a 4 to 6 week intensive phase, then shifting into a maintenance program as the gut microbiome re-establishes a healthy state of balance. This Gut Microbiome Recovery program involves a four-pronged approach:

  • – Low allergenic elimination diet over 4 to 6 weeks (depending on the severity of the imbalance).
  • – Specific anti-microbial herbs that selectively eradicates ‘bad’ bacteria, leaving the healthy bacteria in tact. 
  • – Repairing gut barrier integrity by addressing Leaky Gut Syndrome. 
  • – Prescribing strain-specific probiotics.

Conditions that benefit from the Gut Microbiome Recovery program:

    • – Autoimmunne conditions
    • – Digestive issues
    • – Allergies & Food Intolerances
    • – Mood management & Mental Health disorders
    • – Behavioural disorders
    • – Poor immune function
    • – Fatigue and conditions such as CFS
    • – Diabetes, blood glucose control & insulin sensitivity

Other important indications for a healthy, diverse gut microbiome and when it is essential to therapeutically support the gut microbiome with the Gut Microbiome Recovery program:

  • Pre-conception Care and Pregnancy – through a natural vaginal delivery, the baby acquires the mothers’ microbiome, setting the foundation for their own microbiome. To ensure baby has the most robust and diverse microbiome, its’ best for mum to prepare at pre-conception (ideally 3 months prior to conception) with the Gut Microbiome Recovery program. This ensures the gut microbiome is in tiptop condition. Throughout the pregnancy, maintaining this healthy gut mircobiome through diet and strain specific probiotics is one of the best gifts you can give your child. Research has shown that this in turn ensures a healthy baby with a strong, responsive immune system, fewer allergies and less likely to have behavioural disorders.
      •   – Recovery from antibiotic treatment or PPIs (antacids) use.
      •   – Weight management.
      •   – Any inflammatory condition.