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Contact / FAQ

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How do I get my naturopathic prescription (herbs &/or nutritional supplements)?

o You can either collect your prescribed products from 24 Thomas
Street Moonee Ponds at a time that suits you (this can be arrange
at the end of your consultation). Or your prescribed products can
be express posted to you – postage & handling will be added to
your invoice. You will receive instructions of when to take what
with your prescribed products.

How do I pay for my consultation and naturopathic prescription?

o Once the consultation has taken place and the prescription of herbs and/or nutritional supplements have been finalised, an invoice will be emailed to you. This will include the consultation fee and any herbal and/or nutritional supplements prescribed. Payments can be made with EFT via online banking with the bank account details provided on the invoice.

How do telehealth/online appointments work?

o When you make a booking online via the “BOOK NOW” button, follow the prompts selecting “Telehealth online appoinments”, then select an appointment type, and lastly choosing an available day/time. Once the appointment has been booked you will receive an appointment confirmation email in which you will find a link to the call. Simply click on the link at the time of your appointment and Katie will see you there. Super easy! No need to change out of your ugg boots or find a park!

How to get the most out of my initial appointment?

o The best way to make the most of your 45-50 minutes in the initial
appointment is to fill in the Intake Form that you will receive in
your appointment confirmation email. It only takes a few minutes
of your time but will save volumes of precious time so you can tell
Katie all about the most important stuff – you!

Can I email my recent blood test results or any relevant test
results/reports to Katie prior to my initial or follow-up appointment?

o Absolutely – the more data, the better! You can email them to Don’t leave it to 1 minute
before the consultation, best to shoot them through at least the day
before the appointment.

Can I claim Health Fund Rebates for the consultation fee?

o Some Health Fund Rebates are available for nutrition
consultations for those who have extras. These Health Funds are:

  • Australian Unity
  • ARHG
  •  GU Health
  •  HBF
  •  NIB

What about Functional Pathology tests? Are the costs separate to the

o If Functional Pathology tests are required to understand more
about the cause or maintaining factors of your condition, these will
be ordered by Katie, being an accredited practitioner. This will be
discussed in your consultation if further testing is required. The
cost of Functional Pathology testing is separate to Katie’s
consultation fee and are paid directly to the lab. Functional
Pathology testing is optional, however, the right test will provide
the data we need so we know what to fix. It can save time and
money by targeting the areas that require the work.