Our osteopaths assess and correct structural impediments to health, restoring healthy blood and nerve supply.

Osteopathy is based on the recognition that the body’s structure is integrally related to its function. Therefore, when the body is structurally sound the healthy state is normal and, equally, structural impediments become blockages to health.

Our osteopaths assess, diagnose and gently correct structural impediments using a variety of hands-on soft tissue and manipulative techniques to restore normal, healthy blood and nerve supply and achieve normal tissue function. As well as bones, they will assess joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles and connective tissue.

Correcting structural imbalances in these areas alleviates a variety of painful conditions such as headache/migraine, back and neck pain, painful joints and soft tissue injuries, and often greatly improves conditions such as dysmenorrhoea (painful periods), reflux, constipation and arthritis.

Australian-trained osteopaths are primary health care practitioners, with a minimum of five years university training, and are qualified to recognise conditions that require medical referral.