Restore function to injured or very tight soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) with a remedial massage, employing deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and stretching.


Improve circulation and relieve muscle tension with a smooth flowing style that promotes gentle relaxation and stress relief.


Release chronic patterns of tension in your body with a deep tissue massage, focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue and targeting more specific areas of muscle tightness and restrictions. Direct deep pressure or friction are applied across the fibers of the muscle breaking up and eliminating knots and scar tissue.


Go beyond the physical enter a deeper sense of relaxation, health and wellbeing with a hot stone massage. The deep penetrating heat of the stones induces relaxation and stress reduction, assists detoxification of the body and may relieve chronic pain.


Detoxify with this deep, full body massage that focuses both on the physical and energetic body. The lymphatic drainage and detoxifying effects make this a suitable option for many systemic conditions. This treatment also includes a deluxe pregnancy massage.


Massage is essential to help ease into the physical and emotional changes during pregnancy. Relieve the pains and fluid retention that come with the body preparing for birthing. Both mother and baby will enjoy the many benefits of pregnancy and post-natal massage, including increased relaxation and physical comfort.


Detoxify, stimulate your immune system and reduce fluid retention. Manual lymphatic drainage involves light, rhythmical massage that facilitates the body’s elimination of lymphatic fluid.


Oncology massage is designed to safely and effectively work with people undergoing cancer treatment or have been treated for cancer. Each treatment is individualised to suit the client’s needs, with the very gentle treatment focusing on minimising the client’s discomfort. The massage is not a curative treatment, but aims to alleviate tension, anxiety and stress, improving overall wellbeing.


“The traditional tantric An Mo Chinese massage and has been practiced for thousands of years to relax muscles and strengthen joints. This exquisite ancient massage originated in Taoist Lineages of the White Tigress and uses pressing and rubbing techniques; An meaning “press” and Mo meaning “rub”.

The massage produces heat known as “Chi” (life force energy) and increases blood flow to the body’s meridian energy system. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our organs work harmoniously and our body is healthy and well when Chi moves freely through our meridian system, yet meridian channels can become blocked or clogged. The healing An Mo massage stimulates the meridian system, restores healthy organ function and balances the mind-body-spirit connection.

The teachings of Tantra believe that every human cell has a divine consciousness that understands and responds to love and fear. The intention of An Mo tantric massage is to use touch to share or ‘feed’ each person unconditional love, so each of their cells can receive nourishment, energy and vitality.  Additional to traditional pressing and rubbing techniques, a range of different fabrics and textures are used on the body to awaken the skin’s finer sensory nerve endings; simultaneously enlivening the body and bringing deeper relaxation through sensual touch.

The tantric An Mo is a beautiful gift for your body, mind and spirit.”