Sexuality Coach

Internationally Accredited Tantra Practitioner – The Sanctuary of Ananda

Certified An Mo practitioner – The Sanctuary of Ananda

Graduate Diploma of Sexology (including Sexual Attitude Reassessment) – Curtin University

Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion – Deakin University

Diploma of Youthwork – Victoria University

Certificate of Adolescent Sexuality and Sexual Health – The University of Melbourne

Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training – Fighting Fair

Meg Callander

Meg Callander provides sexuality coaching for adults and young people. She is a sexologist and has a versatile and multidisciplinary practice. Drawing on her professional training in sexology, health promotion, public health, tantra and youth work, Meg offers well-rounded support, education and practical tools that can be tailored to your individual needs.

Determined to create an open and positive dialogue about sexuality, Meg creates a safe and confidential space so you can talk openly about your desires or challenges and ask as many questions as you like! During her sessions, she combines talk-based sexuality coaching with comprehensive sexuality education using a range of educational props, diagrams and resources.

Meg’s job is to be your personal sexual health and wellness resource, and the open-minded friend you never had. Her goal is for you to walk out of your coaching session feeling seen, heard, and in control of your sexuality.

Sexuality coaching:

Wanting more fulfilling and satisfying sexual experiences and intimacy is not a selfish act, it’s actually a really clever move! Having a healthy sexuality is critical to our self-actualisation and overall health and wellbeing.

Sexuality coaching gives you the opportunity to have meaningful discussions with a sexologist about all aspects of your sexuality, not just the physical parts. By exploring the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your sexuality, you will be supported to identify any self-limiting beliefs, fears or insecurities that might be holding you back from achieving your sexual goals.

You already have the ability to change, adapt and adjust your current situation, you just need the right support and some accurate education! Sexuality coaching will provide you with new knowledge, skills and options so you gain new perspectives and confidence to accept and embrace your sexuality.

Meg’s Services:

Sexuality coaching for adults

Without access to sex-positive support and ongoing sexuality education, we can develop unhelpful sexual behaviour patterns, low sexual self-esteem, and feel disconnected from ourselves and our sexual partners.

With intention and purpose, Meg provides a safe, confidential and empowering space for you to explore and embrace your sexuality, without the need to self-censor. By integrating Eastern and Western models of sexuality, Meg draws upon ancient tantric philosophy and practices, and comprehensive sexuality education and research to help you break free from unsatisfying sexual patterns and move toward more expansive and liberated sexual experiences. You will be supported to reconnect to your personal power so you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Depending on your unique needs and goals, together we can discuss and explore a range of topics:

  • – Increasing intimacy in your relationships
  • – Body acceptance, self-love and sexual self-esteem
  • – How to give and receive sexual pleasure
  • – Sexual communication and consent
  • – Sexual and reproductive health
  • – Sexual arousal, orgasm and desire
  • – Sex toys and pleasure products
  • – Sacred sexuality and tantra

Sexuality coaching for young people

Between family, school, social and mainstream media, peers and porn, young people receive a heap of information about sexuality, yet aren’t adequately supported to determine how it all applies to them.

With qualifications in youth work and sexology, Meg provides young people the time and space to unpack messages they receive about sex, relationships and identity. She uses strengths-based approaches and comprehensive sexuality education to empower young people to develop strong sexual ethics that help shape them into confident and respectful sexual citizens.

Sexuality coaching sessions for young people are confidential, age-appropriate and suitable for folks aged between 12 and 25 years.  During a sexuality coaching session, young people are supported to explore a range of topics, including:

  • – Puberty
  • – Sexual and gender diversity
  • – Respectful relationships and consent
  • – Pornography
  • – Pleasure
  • – Sexual and reproductive health.

Concession discounts are available for students and concession card holders.

20 minute free call:

To work out whether sexuality coaching is right for you, Meg’s services generally begin with an obligation free 20-minute phone-call to pinpoint your desired outcomes.

To arrange this call, please send us an email with your name and contact number, and Meg will call you back.