Massage Therapist

Jamie Parsons

Jamie is a remedial massage therapist that specialises in addressing musculoskeletal complaints of office workers, hospitality staff, parents and amateur athletes.

Jamie uses a range of soft tissue techniques and is happy to tailor his style to suit his client’s needs. With a strong belief the therapist’s role in assisting the body’s tendency towards health, his treatment style aims to activate the body’s own healing abilities while addressing areas of tension and tenderness.

Jamie has studied massage in Asheville, North Carolina, Chiang Mai, Thailand and at the Holistic Education College in Melbourne, with a grounding in Swedish, Sports, Relaxation and Trigger Point Therapy.

Jamie is currently studying Osteopathy at Victoria University. When he is not massaging he likes to boulder, cycle, dance and learn languages.

Jamie’s decision to be a massage therapist comes from his desire to help others through touch and his natural ability to find points of tension. He enjoys easing his client’s pain and restricted movement, helping them to enjoy moving again.