Prepare for a healthy birth, speed up recovery, promote healthy lactation and increase the energy after birth.

Through a range of services, Natural Therapeutics can help you to prepare for a healthy birth, speed up recovery, promote healthy lactation and increase the energy of mums and babies following the birth.

You will be able to approach this special event feeling healthy, more confident and physically prepared, having achieved improved nutritional levels, fitness and energy.

Herbal Medicine & Homeopathy

Particular herbal and homeopathic medicines can significantly improve the birthing experience by improving uterine muscle tone, softening and toning your cervix, balancing hormones and generally assisting preparation for an easier and less complicated birth.

We prepare a herbal formulation specifically suited to your needs that is usually commenced six weeks before the due date. The herbs also assist with involution of the uterus after delivery and help with milk supply for breast-feeding.


Weekly acupuncture is a good way to manage stress, improve energy and stamina, and prepare your uterus and cervix for birth. It can even help you to deliver on time.

Acupuncture can also often successfully turn breech or malpositioned babies, though the earlier you start the better the chance of success.

If you are overdue or need to be induced early, acupuncture can be a highly successful induction method that minimises side-effects and, rather than the sudden intense contractions of medical inductions, contractions usually build slowly, reducing pain and stress.


Regular therapeutic pregnancy massages in the last few weeks before giving birth help to nurture you and your baby, relieve the additional tension and strain placed on your muscles, improve sleep, and enhance the wellbeing of you and your baby.

It will also teach you important relaxation strategies for labour that will help you relax in-between contractions and let go of as much tension as possible.


Katie Forster - Naturopath & Homeopath
Kylie Stabler - Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine practitioner
Calandra Gilligan - Birth Coach
Yvette Campbell - Massage Therapist



Our Practitioners

Natural Therapeutics’ experienced team of expert practitioners are dedicated to excellence in health care and wellbeing. All are trained to the highest standards and registered with the professional body governing their practice.



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