Birth Coaching is a combination of childbirth education, life coaching & mind/body medicine.

Designed to inform and empower parents with the practical and psychological resources to have an empowered, fulfilling experience of labour and birth, no matter what kind of birth they have on the day. Birth coaching suggests that birth is as much a psychological & emotional challenge as it is a physical one.

The focus of birth coaching is on building the courage and resourcefulness of the birthing woman and her support person/team. There is a high level of experiential learning in the classes. Empowering birth partners with a toolkit of personalized courage and comfort measures is one of the outcomes of this process. The partner develops confidence in their ability to be an effective support and consequently trust and intimacy is increased in the relationship. Birth coaching also offers a demystification of the processes of labour and birth by holding up the truth of the challenging, messy and potentially embarrassing aspects along with the often under-reported blissful, ecstatic and sometimes orgasmic potential of the experience.

Birth Coaching will empower parents who seek to have a positive birth experience in hospital, a birthing centre or at home.


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