(by Rachel Berners - Acupuncturist)

What I love about being an acupuncturist is assisting people in their journey of life.

I believe that healing is innate, our bodies are designed to self-heal.  Its what gets in the way of this process that needs attention. I look at factors in a persons life that may be affecting their ability to become well.  I am especially interested in the role that stress and emotions play in our well-being.  I believe that our thoughts and feelings create our personal reality.

Acupuncture promotes the natural flow of vital energy in the body, restoring balance and bringing a person into a deeply relaxed and coherent state. Stress and emotions that are stored in the body are released during the process of acupuncture, resulting in a person feeling lighter and more energised. For me personally, acupuncture has helped me through many difficult transitions in my life, and given me the clarity and insight I have needed in moving forward. I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone who is seeking transformation and change on any level.

Like to try a session with Rachel Berners? Check out Inner Path Acupuncture here or call the clinic on 9381 0300 to discuss your needs!

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